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Increase the effectiveness of a product or service that your consumers will love!


Consumer insights is a great way to understand how your target audience thinks and feels around your packaging and services you offer.

Analysing behaviours allows your business to really understand what your consumers want and need, and most importantly, why they feel this way. When consumer insight research is conducted correctly, it should improve the effectiveness of how your company communicates to its customers, which is likely to change consumer behaviour, and therefore increase sales and retain loyal consumers.

Carlton can create wow experiencing that your consumers love! Giving your consumers a voice will enhance your brand experience.


Customer’s perception.

Implementing ‘Voice of Customer’ within your business functions will strengthen your customer success, operations, and product development teams. These consumer insights can help identify and improve all stages of the customer’s journey by working together to enhance their products and services.

Consumer insights come with recommended actions that will help you amplify the company’s growth. This means the team in charge of consumer insights will deliver both data and narrative, allowing you to make use of the data.

Research tells us what is happening, whereas consumer insights tell us why it’s happening, and will allow us to make changes to your business processes in order to improve customer satisfaction, customer retention, and increase your bottom line.



QR code

Giving consumers the option to completed on line feedback forms that they can scan straight from the box will enhance the brand experience.

Online portal

Having an online portal that you and your teams can access to insure you creating the best brand experiences for your business and the consumer.

Returning consumers

When customers have a positive shopping experience, it naturally creates brand advocates.

Voice of the consumer

By capturing the voice of the consumer, you can connect and engage with customers at every touchpoint in the customer journey, programmatically improving their experience.



Pan-European supply solution

A consolidated European packaging supply enables total consistency and maximum volume efficiency across all operations.

Product stockholding with fast delivery

Your bespoke products, managed and held in our distribution centres, available for fast delivery exactly as required.

Reporting & compliance

We support fulfilment operations with smart reporting and packaging compliance requirements.

Ordersmart online portal

Our clients are able to easily access and order their own range of bespoke products, together with our range of stock materials and equipment.

In-house product design

We’re committed to designing and implementing the most efficient solutions for our clients.