The ultimate solution to increase load stability, reduce wrap usage and enable safer wrapping with every pallet wrapped.


WrapX is redefining the way operations wrap pallets across the globe.

With an innovative carbon fibre dispenser and the most advanced film blend, we’re making wrapping pallets safer, easier and smarter globally!

This new cutting-edge system revolutionises pallet wrapping, allowing loads to be secured faster with less material, reducing costs and boosting productivity.

Incorporating a carbon fibre dispenser together with a unique blend of high-performance stretch film, wrapX is the first choice for operations seeking to reduce costs and implement safer pallet wrapping processes.

Weighing just over 400 grams, the lightweight dispenser has magnetic mounts, fast roll change release, and a unique adjustable locking tension mechanism. This locking tension ensures that the most effective tension is placed on the film when wrapping, with total ease and no strain on the operator regardless of technique or aptitude.  By letting the dispenser do the work, it guarantees total film optimisation for every pallet wrapped, every day. 

Our wrapX Elite film is the latest in advanced stretch wrap innovation. Designed to be applied through the new system, it significantly improves pallet wrapping efficiency by reducing the amount of film needed when wrapping by up to 65%. Roll changes are reduced with more pallets wrapped by wrapX than traditional manual films, and operators love the strong blend, advanced puncture resistance and guaranteed quality making their jobs faster and more efficient. The system enables our 212™-wrap technique to be adopted for maximum efficiency, where pallets can be securely wrapped in minimal revolutions.   

Achieve ultimate load stability, lower cost per pallet wrapped and a safer wrapping process in your operation. From our distribution centres in the EU, UK and USA, we offer fast delivery to our global clients to truly make wrapping smarter!

Experience wrapX, the ultimate manual pallet wrapping system today. Contact us and unlock the potential for greater efficiency, cost savings and environmental responsibility in your packaging process. Our trained technicians will visit your operation to demonstrate the wrapX system and explore the savings it can bring quickly and clearly!

Benefits include:

  1. Safer Wrapping – Reduced operate fatigue.

    The wrapX dispenser has been designed to overcome the limitations of traditional manual wrapping equipment. Its ergonomic design significantly reduces the need for operators to bend and strain during the wrapping process, making it the first choice for wrapping operators worldwide. Traditional manual wrapping methods often require operators to bend and kneel to wrap pallets, which can lead to musculoskeletal injuries over time. WrapX’s ergonomic carbon fibre frame ensures operators can comfortably wrap while walking forwards, without risking repetitive strain or injury. Due to the tension system, there is no need to ‘tug’ or ‘stretch’ the film and the system can be comfortably used one-handed.

  2. Guaranteed wrapping consistency.

    Insufficient and inconsistent tension caused by manual wrapping can result in excessive film usage and unstable loads. WrapX has an advanced adjustable locking tension mechanism allowing operators to set and lock the ideal tension, maximising roll yield and load stability. Once set, this will ensure total consistency regardless of operator technique or aptitude, ensuring maximum wrapping effectiveness. This can also be varied at any time, to accommodate all types of loads, from heavy engineering parts to lightweight parcels – wrapX ensures maximum roll yield and load stability every time. This also enables our 212™-wrap technique allowing pallets to be securely wrapped in just 5 revolutions!

  3. Minimise wrap yield through a unique wrapX blend.

    WrapX is a world-leading high-performance stretch film, produced with the most advanced blending technology and raw material components. Designed specifically to maximise load stability whilst minimising the amount of film required to wrap a pallet, wrapX has been developed by leading technicians as the next generation of film wrapping. Minimise wrap usage, cost and waste in your operation by implementing this new system.

  4. Always to hand in any busy operation; reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

    A common challenge in many busy fulfilment operations is film wastage through rolls becoming damaged or unused, due to being dropped, misplaced or discarded. WrapX has both magnetic location mounts and a low-profile floor stand to ensure the wrap is always safely to hand, offering a pristine film roll ready for use. This feature allows wrapX to be mounted in various locations, such as metal racking, pack stations and PPTs/FLTs.




Adjustable locking tension control

The adjustable locking tension control maximises film usage, guaranteeing consistent effortless wrapping.


The ergonomic, lightweight carbon fibre frame reduces fatigue, risk of injury and operator strain, while enabling faster wrapping.


Save 50% on time to wrap a pallet and reduce pallet revolution by 25% compared with a 400mm standard 9mu pre-stretched film.

Material efficiency

Up to 100% stretch achieves maximum roll yield effortlessly, and 60% less wrap per pallet is required compared with traditional films.



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