Lilopack is the ideal product for sending fragile items.

Lilopack is delivered deflated, when they are needed simply give a quick blast of air and your Lilopack is ready to go. Our range of air compressors and inflation kits are needed for the inflation of the packs.


  • Easy To Inflate
  • Reduction in your overall pack weight
  • Lilopack fully surrounds your product for total protection
  • No need for voidfill, saving you material costs and increasing process speed
  • Impress your end user with lilopack
  • Environmentally-Friendly – deflate after use and recycle

Two easy ways to inflate lilopack:

  • By inflating the pouches prior to packing and placing the bottles in.
  • By placing the bottles in the uninflated pouches and inflating the cushions around it.

Ideal for bottles, light bulbs, print toners, crockery, basically anything that requires total protection. Available in multiple configurations.