We design and supply smart pallet stretch films for fulfillment organisations throughout Europe. We ensure the most effective film is used in the most efficient process, for the lowest operational cost.

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Palletwrap, also known as stretch wrap and stretch film, is a polythene film wrap commonly used to wrap items on a pallet to keep them secure and stable during transit. We supply many different blends and formulations, each with different properties and offering benefits to meet specific application requirements. It is important to select the most appropriate grade to ensure total load stability with least impact on our environment.

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High performance hand and machine stretch wrap. Excellent cling, high memory and high clarity.


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Pre-stretched hand and machine wrap. Pre-stretched film increases load stability and maximises roll yield.


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Pre-stretched hand and machine wrap. Pre-stretched film increases load stability and maximises roll yield.

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High performance palletwrap equipment and machinery.

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A smarter machine wrap, with 250-400% stretch capability. Delivering up to 60% increase in roll yield and decreased packaging waste.


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Pallet wrap can make your operation loads smarter by eliminating several disadvantages found in traditional methods.

Reduced environmental impact

With an important emphasis on reducing single-use plastic material, our product experts will work with your team to implement the most effective and smart blend of film to reduce your wrap usage and environmental impact.

Reduced operational costs

We understand process, and we understand stretch film formulation and performance. Together with our years of expertise, and unique blends, we’ll really ensure you are utilising the most effective wrapping process to reduce costs.

Increased process speeds

Our films are formulated to facilitate the fastest wrapping process possible, whilst ensuring total load stability. Whether machine or hand applied, we supply films with the highest integrity for reliable wrapping.

Decreased inventory

Leave production and stock planning with us. With our large stockholding and next day delivery across Europe, you can rely on fast, just in time service, rather than inflating your inventory and juggling fluctuating production times.