Understanding consumer expectations for ecommerce packaging.

The traditional retail shopping experience has significantly changed over recent years.


As online offerings continue to increase, it’s never been more important for retailers and fulfilment operations to understand their consumer’s expectations for ecommerce packaging.

As the first physical connection between brand and consumer, packaging plays a substantial part in defining a brand experience. Getting it wrong can be disastrous.

Traditionally, consumers rated their brand experience by how well their purchase is protected through the transit period. Our design team have seen this consumer expectation shift. Today, product protection is assumed rather than being the key experience driver and consumers rate the brand experience in other key areas. The team have shared just some of these key features to consider, which are vital to include when designing and selecting ecommerce packaging.


On-brand.  Ensure the look, feel and format of the packaging is reflective of the brand.

Ease of opening.  Quick and smart opening features are essential.

Volume.  The right amount of packaging is key. Great pack techniques, together with the right materials.

Closed loop material.  Consumers require assurance that materials are sustainably sourced. A closed loop assurance, where possible, creates a great experience for many consumers.

Kerbside recyclable.  Materials that can be recycled in a domestic recycling stream are appreciated by consumers.

Carbon footprint.  The carbon impact of the materials is something consumers hold in high importance. Communicate this clearly.

Give the consumer a voice.  Carlton’s cutting-edge innovations allows consumers to leave feedback relating to a specific packaging experience and to be part of the solution. This provides the retailer with direct consumer feedback to enhance and influence ongoing packaging decisions.

With our in-house design team, state of the art imagination-hub, unique products and large fulfilment operation; we are keen to engage with fulfilment operations to enhance packaging solutions through smarter products, processes and supply chain.

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