Plastic tax & sustainable products

Here at Carlton, we are consistently striving to be kinder to the planet.


Our vision ‘To make e-commerce packaging smarter for business, people and our planet’.

Our vision really portrays why the plastic tax being launched earlier this year was such a significant milestone for many businesses. But this post is not about us, it’s about you – and how our team can help you and your business.

The plastic come into play in April 2022 and has been introduced by the HM Treasury in order to provide a financial incentive to use recycled plastic in the manufacturing of plastic packaging. The tax will apply to any plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled content, with a flat rate of £200 per metric tonne of plastic packaging.

Whilst this may sound a little overwhelming, and you may be wondering how this will affect your business, we can safely say that as a team we have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure we can assist you throughout every step of this new process.


It’s important to remember that the government has brought in this tax to encourage the use of recycled plastic rather than new plastic within the packaging. This will in turn stimulate increased levels of recycling and collection of plastic waste, therefore saving it from filling our landfills or incineration.

Introducing this law will all help towards the Government’s ambitions for higher recycling rates in the UK and will also contribute towards factors in helping to protect our environment for future generations.

We understand the importance of this tax and the many benefits surrounding it, but we also acknowledge that our actions will have an effect on you as our customer. As a result, we have launched a range of plastic products with 30%+ PCW and PIW to guarantee the plastic tax does not affect you!


Tidal Tape:

Tidal Tape is our PCW tape, produced from 70% post-consumer recycled plastic. It’s the perfect alternative product for businesses who are looking to switch from traditional acrylic tapes to tape with a significantly reduced environmental impact.



Our PCW palletwrap Wavestretch, inspired by the ocean – and preventing plastics from ending up in our seas; is currently available in four options: 30% PCW, 50% PCW that is 100% recyclable, 75% and 100%. Available in both hand and machine wrap, Wavestretch is a sure way to help your operation recycle whilst using higher quality material.



One of our popular in-house innovations: the rapisac mailing system, also contains 30% recycled plastic within the mailer, meaning that you can continue using this product with no adverse effect on your operation! Or if you are new to rapisac, you can switch to our hanging mailing bag system today and increase efficiency within your packing line and avoid the plastic tax!

We also have a wide range of paper alternatives to traditional plastic packaging including: bubble wrap, voidfill options, paper mailers and tape. The products can be integrated into your operation and help enhance your brand’s sustainability whilst still avoiding the tax.

These are just a few of our products that are currently available and meet the criteria for the plastic packaging tax, and we are constantly exploring new avenues to increase the range.

Whilst it is difficult to predict exactly what the future may look like when the plastic tax commences, it is becoming increasingly clear that recycled plastics are likely to be included in most plastic products at the production stage. This could result in possible price increases and less virgin plastic available on the market, but also reducing the likelihood of the tax on products too.

Carlton are here to help answer any of your questions on the plastic tax and its implications on your operation, just give us a call or drop a line to plastictax@carltonpackaging.com to talk to our plastic tax experts!