Get your operation ready for peak 2022!

Are you planning how to maximise your performance this festive season and preparing for demands of hybrid consumers?


As we approach some major events within the peak season, operations globally are planning how to maximise their performance to accurately prepare for demanding periods such as Black Friday and Christmas.

With shoppers returning to a hybrid combination of online retail and high street shopping; and other concerns growing with the supply chains – it is more important than ever to plan to alleviate problems during peak 2022.


Advanced Planning

Are you aware of your supplier shut-down periods? It’s key to ensure your supplier has an accurate forecast if you are looking to order bespoke products. This is more likely to prevent problems from occurring and ensures everyone understands any possible requirements. Carlton Packaging offers their clients Bespoke Product Stockholding – a smarter service to guarantee you never run out of stock.

We will manage your stock; from the most efficient production quantities to stock, to drip feeding products into your operation. It is predicted that campaigns for Black Friday will be starting earlier this year, therefore lasting longer* so it is key you have a strong supplier relationship to ensure your operation is prepared for the possible changes in consumer requirements.

Carlton Packaging offers a Call Off Plan service in which we work with our clients to establish the materials you will need over a given period, agree fixed prices and then hold the stock for call-off stock when required. This will ensure peace of mind in knowing your packaging is stocked and sorted for a fixed period and at the best possible price, whilst still leaving you in control!


Pack Training

We understand the importance of clients packing teams being trained in areas such as product use, best practice, new product understanding and equipment operation.

During peak it is essential your operation runs smoothly to get maximum efficiency from your operation. Ensuring your teams are train on the right products to use can reduce waste and increase productivity across the business.

We’re here to support you. Our dedicated account managers will spend time training your team to safely achieve the very best from our range of packaging materials, and most importantly reduce operational costs through increased process speeds, reduced downtime, and economical use of product.


Operational Strategies

To make certain you achieve the greatest efficiency within your warehouse, it is important to reassess the design and layout of your pack area. Productivity is lost when workers spend too much time travelling for packaging products, searching, and over-handling goods. Our in-house design team can work with you to transform packaging areas, increase process speed, and reduce operational costs.

One example of this would be to place voidfill systems above, or to the side of the packing bench – thus reducing the downtime from the packer and meaning less time spent moving around when filling a box! It may be as simple as redesigning an e-commerce box or adapting your packaging process, we will be able to assist you with a range of innovative products and ideas, and work with you to help your ideas become reality.


Streamlining your operational strategies will mean you have a:


Packaging Materials

With increased brand awareness and campaigning around Black Friday and Christmas events, it is important that your packaging materials reflect your brand correctly and enhance the consumer experience. Packaging that is too bulky, the wrong shape, or takes up too much shelf space is unlikely to impress the consumer or be a smart process for your operation.

It has been suggested that there is likely to be increased spending in weeks leading to big events within peak*, so it’s essential that your packaging will protect the products to help minimise returns and breakages. This will in turn reduce the strain on your returns department and promote great customer experience.

Looking to improve your services to your consumers? Our range of smarter products will help increase process speed whilst also representing your brand positively. For more information on preparing your operation for peak, speak to our team today for a smarter packaging review.