We design and supply smart cardboard products for fulfillment organisations throughout Europe.  Our in-house designers work with online retailers throughout Europe developing cardboard products to protect and promote their brand.

What is

Cardboard is a fibre based material, first developed to line top-hats!  Today cardboard is most commonly used to create corrugated cardboard boxes.  As a 100% recyclable material, corrugated cardboard products are popular in the online retail fulfilment market, to safely transport goods to the consumer.  Now, we see these boxes playing a very important role in the consumer experience, and we design boxes to promote and protect retail brands throughout Europe.  Carlton Packaging is FSC accredited, and supply material from sustainable sources.

Quick Overview

Every corrugated carton is made from a combination of paperboards.  For single wall cartons, this is an outer paper and inner paper.

Quick Overview

Every corrugated carton is made from a combination of paperboards.  For double wall cartons, this is an outer paper, a middle paper and an inner paper.

Quick Overview

We work with online retailers to ensure the outer packaging represents their brand, and delivers the right consumer experience.

Quick Overview

Many operations use layer sheets to increase load stability.

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Our wide range of smarter e-commerce boxes will increase your packaging process and give your consumer the unboxing experience.



Whilst cardboard in itself is no new material, it is the way it’s used that makes the difference.  Clear benefits of our cardboard products include:

Reduced environmental impact

We are FSC accredited suppliers, supplying material from sustainable sources across the globe.  This can be printed on the material, highlighting our clients’ sustainable approach in selecting their supplier.

Wide range of material specifications to create the perfect box!

A huge range of material grades are available to our designers, so we can create the perfect box.  From fluting and paper grade options, to laminate and varnish finishes we can combine strength, with brand and cost.

Excellent in-house design capability

Our in-house designers turn standard cardboard into ingenious solutions!  Reduce material used, stand out from the crowd and increase packing process speed with our unique designs.  This is currently a free of charge service for current clients.

Decreased inventory

Leave production and stock planning with us. With our large stockholding and next day delivery across Europe, you can rely on fast, just in time service, rather than inflating your inventory and juggling fluctuating production times.