Carlton Packaging have a wide range of Papertech systems almost any protective packaging problem can be solved efficiently with paper padding solutions.

Our papertech solutions are used in higher weight categories, the thick multi-ply paper produces a pad suitable for cushioning the products.

Papertech is tear resistant and the paper pads can easily be shaped making papertech suitable for variety of packaging techniques. Papertech provides durability to stabilise heavy objects.

The paper pads quickly adapt to the products in the box, thereby providing reliable protection of the item to be dispatched. In addition, they offer the recipient a positive unboxing experience.

Our team of packaging experts will audit your packaging process and advise the best void fill solution to protect products and retain your brand.

We’re 100% operational, ensuring your essential operations can keep running!

During these unprecedented times, our customers are still providing consumers with essential goods and we are committed to supporting this.  We have adapted how we work to maximise the safety and wellbeing of our staff whilst continuing to offer smarter packaging materials for fulfilment operations throughout UK and Europe exactly as needed. Our customers are fulfilling vital supplies to keep Europe running, and we’re here for you.


High stocks, fast delivery and personal service as usual!