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Rapisac hanging mailing bag system.

Pack in record time with Rapisac, our in-house innovation designed to prevent messy packing benches whilst reducing waste and increasing packing speed.


Rapisac is our hanging mailing bag system created for quick and easy filling.

Rapisac brings more than incremental benefits when you are filling mailing and courier bags. The bag hangs from its patented desk edge-mounted backplate to facilitate quick and easy hanging. Rapisac also introduces a safer way of working into your pack operation. No more bending and reaching across the pack bench is needed due to Rapisac being attached to the front of the bench.

It’s adaptable to suit all prints and sizes and may also be used for clear polythene preparation bags. Work with our in-house design team to have your branding on your bags.



Increased productivity

One-handed opening and filling increases productivity within your operation. Due to the Rapisac system, your packers can save up to 1hr per 1000 bags.

Smart return solution

Your Rapisac can also be created with a double-seal tear strip, allowing consumers to re-pack their returns in the same mailing bag.

Carry handle

Your Rapisac can be designed with a carry handle at the top which can make deliveries, returns, and click and collect processes easier for your consumer.


What may be the biggest benefit of this industry-leading innovation is that you just need to attach the backplate to the front of your bench, attach the Rapisac and no space is taken up on your bench!




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