Increase packaging speed, reduce packaging waste, and enhance your package quality by using Rapitape.


Rapitape is one of our most popular tape products and is widely recognised as the most effective polypropylene taping system in the world.

With 150 meters of high-performance tape per roll, the secret is the small core which is both simple and ingenious.

  • Rapitape is used in busy packing operations to;
  • Reduce roll changes by 56%
  • Reduce downtime by 56%
  • Decrease packaging waste by 56%

Its unique safety dispensing system, and a range of high-performance adhesives for application, Rapitape is the ultimate taping solution for higher volume operations.

Our specialist dispensers are ideal for when you use Rapitape in your operation. Rapitape dispensers are available in both standard and with a silencer bar. Its brake system ensures a consistent, smooth application every time.

Increase your process speed

Rapitape is the ideal product to introduce into your operation to help increase process speeds. We will audit your sites to find where Rapitape fits into your processes.



High-grade adhesive

Rapitape high-grade adhesive ensures reliability with every use.

Enhance packaging quality

Including Rapitape in your operation will guarantee an enhanced packaging quality for your operation.

Bespoke printing

Rapitape can be printed with your own bespoke print and messaging.

Multiple dispensers available

If you’re looking for a standard or a silencer dispenser, we have the ideal product for your operational purpose.



Ecommerce boxes

Inspire the minds of your consumers with innovatively designed ecommerce boxes. Bring a smart design and service to your approach.


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Provide your packaging with the ultimate secure solution, whilst keeping in line with your sustainability credentials, with Bio-Seal.

Rapitape Cello

Increase packaging speed, reduce packaging waste, and enhance your package quality by using Rapitape Cello.

Tidal Tape

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