Smarter processes

Pack testing & prototyping

Keep ahead of your competitors by introducing pack testing and prototyping into your operational processes.


Testing is a vital step for success which is why it is a process that we highly recommend our clients to include when looking to change a current packaging product or introduce a new one.

Pack testing can be beneficial for a number of different purposes; if you’re introducing a new product into your processes, updating a product if this is changing a box shape or thinking about including an insert, or it may be that you are wanting to ensure that your packaging is still fit for purpose. Our design team will work with you to ensure that your products reach your desired goals successfully.

From pack benches, to pack processes, to packaging samples, our design team will work with you to find what can successfully be introduced into your operations processes. There are a number of different types of testing that we can complete either in-house or within your operation that will help improve your operational processes.

Advance your pack operations processes

Contact us today to discover how we can aid you in advancing your pack processes with pack testing and prototypes.


Advance your pack processes.

There are a number of different tests we can implement across your operation. Maybe your boxes are not operating to the highest performance necessary? Our in-house soak testing will allow for us to detect the grade of paper used within your current packaging to then recommend the specifications that we believe your packaging should be achieving.

Maybe you’re looking to introduce a new, fragile product into your product offering? We will test the product with your current packaging to discover if it is protective enough for this, and also look at new packaging products that will be able to give your product the protection that it needs.

Maybe speeding up your operational processes is something that you are looking to achieve? We will visit your operation to complete time and motion studies to discover where we think improvements could be made in the packing areas.

Or it may be that you’re looking to switch to a different style of box, or introduce an insert? We will work with you to record your current process and discover possible alternatives or steps that will aid you to achieve your goals.



Reducing errors

By testing products prior to them being added into your processes, the likelihood for errors is smaller as these processes would be tested greatly before beginning to be used.

Time savings

By conducting time and motion testing, we can discover ways to save time within your pack process.

Expert knowledge

Our team of experts will be able to advise which testing is most beneficial for you and your operation.

Cost savings

By implementing smarter processes from our recommendations after testing, we can ensure cost savings across your operation.



Pack optimisation

We support operations by introducing smarter processes to help optimise their pack operations.

Climate controller testing

We temperature test to assess your products under extreme temperature and environmental conditions.

Site audit

Our team of experts will conduct a full site audit of your packaging processes to guarantee your operation is working smarter.

Automation review

Find the correct automated machinery for your operation and ensure your products are securely packaged every time.

Implementation plan

Our strategic smarter implementation plan will ensure your operation runs smoothly.

Pack training

Run your operation at maximum efficiency by having your packers complete training specialised to your pack set up.

Packaging workshop

We develop tailored training packages to suit your business needs.