Smarter processes

Climate controller testing.

We temperature test to assess your products under extreme temperature and environmental conditions.


Our in-house, temperature-controlled chill chain is used for keeping and distributing of frozen or fresh foods, vaccines, and other biologicals in perfect condition.

The cold chain process follows from the product being taken from its natural or manufactured environment to its end destination. An unbroken chain is an uninterrupted series of refrigerated production, storage, and distribution activities, along with associated equipment and logistics which its main quality is found via a desired low temperature range.

To preserve, extend, and ensure shelf life of products cold chain goods are perishable and are always on route towards end use or destination.

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Temperature controlled.

Whether you’re distributing food items or pharmaceuticals, we can support you in discovering the most effective chill chain solution for both your business and your packaging needs.

Refrigeration needs to be applied through the entire cold chain, and a HACCP strategy needs to be broadly implemented within the food industry to manage the cold chain and ensure food safety. The cold chamber can be set to temperatures of -40c and +100c to test a wide range of environments.

However, most testing will typically not exceed -10c or +40c as these temperatures are not seen within the majority of our customer bases. We have two main testing profiles, one for summer and one for winter. These profiles expose the sample to temperatures that are seen in an uncontrolled environment through transit.



Preserves products when in transit

By testing your products in our chill chamber, you can discover how to preserve your products further when in transit.

Complete product safety

Testing your products in our chill chamber will ensure that your products are safe when delivered to your customer.

Bespoke for your individual requirements

We will work with you to decide what packaging is best for your products, how to preserve your products for the time frame, what temperature you would like your products to arrive at your customer, and much more!

Used for a range of different products

Chill chamber testing can be used for a range of different products, making it a suitable process for many different businesses.



Pack optimisation

We support operations by introducing smarter processes to help optimise their pack operations.

Site audit

Our team of experts will conduct a full site audit of your packaging processes to guarantee your operation is working smarter.

Automation review

Find the correct automated machinery for your operation and ensure your products are securely packaged every time.

Implementation plan

Our strategic smarter implementation plan will ensure your operations runs smoothly.

Pack testing & prototype

Keep ahead of your competitors by introducing pack testing and prototyping into your operational processes.

Pack training

Run your operation at maximum efficiency by having your packers complete training specialised to your pack set up.

Packaging workshop

We develop tailored training packages to suit your business needs.