Top solutions for managing peak demand.

Peak season can be a challenging time for businesses, particularly for those in the retail and ecommerce sectors, as they experience a significant surge in demand for products and services.


This period can be both exciting and challenging, as businesses strive to meet customer expectations while maintaining operational efficiency.

With the right packaging solutions, businesses can streamline their processes and ensure that they are able to meet the increasing demand. The packaging solutions provided by Carlton can assist operations in coping with demand during peak periods while looking forward to the future.


Custom packaging solutions

A way that Carlton can assist operations is by providing bespoke packaging solutions. During the peak season, many businesses may require specific packaging designs to accommodate the increased demand and to prevent returns. Carlton’s design team can provide bespoke packaging solutions that are tailored to the needs of the business. This can help streamline operations and ensure that products are packaged smarter.


Automated packaging solutions

Another way that Carlton can help operations is by providing automated packaging solutions. During the peak season, the volume of products that need to be packaged can increase significantly. This can result in bottlenecks and delays in the packaging process. Carlton offers fully automated packaging solutions and integrated design options that can increase the speed and efficiency of the packaging process. This can help businesses to meet the increased demand and ensure that products are packaged and dispatched on time.


Sustainable packaging solutions

Carlton is always ensuring that packaging is smarter for business, people and the planet to meet the increased demand while also being environmentally conscious. We offer sustainable packaging solutions that are made from recycled materials and that are 100% recyclable. This can assist businesses in reducing their carbon footprint and improving their sustainability credentials. Additionally, sustainable packaging solutions can be a selling point for businesses, as more consumers are becoming environmentally conscious and are actively seeking out eco-friendly products.



In conclusion, Carlton can provide businesses with the packaging solutions they need to cope with the demand throughout the peak period. From custom packaging solutions to automated packaging systems and sustainable packaging options, Carlton has a range of e-commerce packaging innovations that can help businesses streamline their processes and ensure that they meet the increased demand. By working with Carlton, businesses can focus on their core operations and leave the packaging to the experts!