Imagination hub

We were born to innovate.

Innovators and designers of smarter packaging materials and processes for fulfilment operations worldwide.

Carlton packaging

Packaging made smarter.

Leading designers and suppliers of smart packaging materials and processes.


Smarter for business and the planet.

Become a part of the solution. Smarter packaging for business, people and the planet.

Our vision

To make e-commerce packaging smarter for business, people and our planet.

We work with online retailers and fulfilment operations worldwide, to create sustainable packaging solutions that consumers love.

Imagination hub

Reimagining the world of packaging, one box at a time.

Our imagination, together with expert knowledge, sets us apart to create brand enhancing packaging experiences. All in-house, in our imagination hub.

Smarter products

Cutting edge, not corners.

Smarter products provide smarter packaging solutions for your business.

Our responsibility

Smarter packaging
for a sustainable tomorrow.

Smarter for the planet. It’s not just something we say, we take it incredibly seriously; it’s our why, our what, and our how.