Bio-Seal Secure is the ultimate secure solution for sealing corrugated cartons! Often known as gummed paper tape, Bio-Seal has an effective adhesive that is activated by water. One activated, this adhesive binds the paper tape to the corrugated surface, and literally becomes part of the box.

Bio-Seal includes reinforcement fibres that run throughout the paper, giving an even greater strength where needed. Together with its unrivalled strength properties, paper tape is 100% recyclable and does not need to be taken from the box it has sealed, to be recycled. This tape is very popular with our online retail clients, where parcels are arriving with a consumer, and the outer
packaging can be easily recycled.

Bio-Seal Secure is to be used through special dispensers like the Xtaper®. Xtaper® is a battery-powered automatic paper tape applicator overcoming the limitations of desktop machines, enabling every box sealing operator worldwide to use paper tape. Find out more about the Xtaper®.