We design and supply smart packing tapes and parcel taping systems for fulfilment organisations throughout Europe.  We develop materials to benefit the operation, end user and our environment.

What is

Packing tape is an adhesive backed material used to secure parcels, and ensure they stay closed.

Our tapes are available in a range of materials, each having different characteristics and offering unique benefits. The material, such as BOPP, paper and fibre, is known as the ‘carrier’.  This carrier forms the strength of the tape, and an adhesive is applied to the carrier to provide the adhesion required.  We supply a range of adhesives such as acrylic, hot melt and solvent based, to meet the exact requirement of the application.

From fully automated taping systems, hand application and water-activated paper materials, we work with clients to ensure the most efficient tape material and process is in place to offer complete parcel security and consumer satisfaction.

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DENVA is our high performance polypropylene packing tape.

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We supply a wide range of specialist tapes, enabling our clients to single source their tape requirements backed with quality.

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The ultimate secure solution for sealing corrugated cartons,

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High performance polypropylene tape with high grab adhesive, most often being our automatic machine applied tapes.

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Widely recognised as the most effective polypropylene taping system.

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Efficiently dispensing the correct packing tape is essential to achieve the benefits and effectiveness of the system.


Whilst packing tape is usually a necessity for sealing cartons, there are significant benefits in selecting from our range of tapes.

Reduced environmental impact

We develop our own systems to reduce environmental impact – from material, adhesive and blend, you can trust our team to work with your operation to implement tape to minimise your environmental impact.

Reduced operational costs

From our wide range of tape materials and systems.

Increased parcel security

We understand tape, and that simply means we can formulate the very best products to offer unrivalled parcel security.  In a growing ecommerce world, it’s never been more important for parcels to stay closed and tamper proof during the transit period.

Increased process speed

We can invariably increase process speed through a smarter tape solution.  Whether our Rapitape, with reduced roll changes, or pre-set length paper tape dispensers, we’ll work with your operation to decrease downtime.