We design and supply smart strapping materials and equipment for fulfilment operations throughout Europe.  From product specification to process implementation we achieve the smartest solutions for our clients.

What is

Strapping is the process of applying a strap to an item to combine, stabilize, hold, reinforce, or fasten it. In the packaging industry, this strap is referred to as strapping.  Strapping can be made from a variety of materials, most commonly plastic, polyester, woven polypropylene and steel.  This can be applied manually or by automatic machine.

Quick Overview

Extruded polyester strapping (PET) providing very strong strapping solutions. 

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With a wide range of tools and equipment in stock for fast delivery, we know this is a vital area of our supply capability.

Quick Overview

From simple semi-automatic strapping machines, to fully automatic inline strapping processes, we work with clients to implement the most effective machinery.

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TENSO is our high performance polypropylene strapping for hand and machine application.



There are significant benefits in working with Carlton Packaging for design and supply of your strapping materials and processes.

Peace of mind with our technical expertise

It is essential to select the most effective strapping material for your application.  Incorrect material or material strength can cause serious danger, such as unstable or fallen loads, injury and costs through product damage.  Our experts will guide and implement the most effective product for your operation.

Process improvement

We understand process, we understand strapping and we understand the many application methods.  With our expertise and range of equipment we’ll ensure that your strapping process is as safe, fast and cost effective as possible from start to finish.


Our strapping is tested and reliable, to deliver the safest performance every time.  Reliability is key to a safe working environment where strapping is used, often through automatic machinery.

Decreased inventory

Leave production and stock planning with us. With our large stockholding and next day delivery across Europe, you can rely on fast, just in time service, rather than inflating your inventory and juggling fluctuating production times.