Welcome to our protective packaging explore area! This area is designed to provide a brief overview of the way we work. We hope you find this both helpful and informative. Our message is simple – for a load smarter protective packaging solution; contact us today!

What is
protective packaging?

A key component of a secure parcel is the protective packaging element. A range of protective products can be used; the most popular in many operations is bubblewrap! Can this be smarter?

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Is the perfect solutions for wrapping and cushioning products throughout transit.

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provides the strength and durability to stabilise heavy objects and provide the bulk needed for superior cushioning and voidfill.

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Suitable for various paper basis weight, single ply, conventional fanfold paper. Designed for easy system integration.

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Moulded around packed objects for a perfect fit providing safe and lightweight cushioning.

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fully integrated systems, full design, consultation, supply, installation and maintenance to your operation.

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Rapicell was designed to replace bubble wrap with a 100% recyclable and biodegradable material.


We provide plug and play machinery from free standing and desktop single machines, to fully integrated systems. Our aim is to ensure your voidfill solution and process is loads smarter through our innovative products and service solutions.

Increased product protection

A protective packaging audit is conducted to establish the most effective material and supply solution for our client in their specific process

Decreased operational costs

We work with our clients to fully monitor our recommended system, be it air safe bubble products, procell foam, system90 edge protection or mega top polytene sheets. When we have together identified the operational savings we work to implement the most efficient supply solution.

Decreased packaging waste

We are developing and bringing many different protective packaging materials to the market and it is important to understand the most effective medium in each operation

Reduced product stockholding

With many protective packaging products being bulky to store, it is vital to ensure our clients do not carry overstock. We work with operations, holding stock for next day delivery, including bespoke protective products to ensure lowest possible stockholding for our clients with total peace of mind.