Xtaper® is a battery-powered automatic paper tape applicator overcoming the limitations of desktop machines and enabling every box sealing operator worldwide to use paper tape.

Many operations are now able to meet their environmental commitments and achieve a more secure carton seal by using paper tape through a mobile lower cost solution. Rather than being tied to a desktop static solution, Xtaper can be used all over a distribution centre or packing operation, as well as providing an easy, low cost solution for quickly expanding a packaging area during peak or irregular projects.

Benefits of Xtaper:

  • Compact
  • Effective adhesive activation
  • Mobile
  • Battery powered
  • Multiple length settings
  • Automatic dispensing

This new handheld paper tape dispenser solves limitations that can be found with the traditional desktop machines and enables paper tape to be used anywhere.
Bio-Seal is the approved reinforced paper tape for the Xtaper! Bio-Seal is a 100% biodegradable reinforced paper tape, with a water-activated starch-based adhesive.

Applied through the Xtapers automatic dispenser, Bio-Seal provides a secure seal for any carton sealing application. Find out more about Bio-Seal.

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