Our loads smarter power pre-stretch machine applied stretchfilm, replacing conventional 17-30mic films. Sigmawrap is uniquely formulated from 33 layers of high performance polymer for maximum capabilities. With formulations from 12mic means this new generation film offers excellent benefits.

The unique properties enable a conventional 23mic film to be exchanged for lower micron sigmawrap; significantly reducing wrap usage. Sigmawrap can offer an impressive increase in stretch capacity – with a 250-400% stretch capability sigmawrap can deliver up to 60% increase in roll yield.

Wrapping costs and environmental impact are reduced whilst improving load stability.

A trial of sigmawrap 130C against 23mic conventional PPS achieved the following results:

  • Stretch: from 170% to 300% = 76% increase
  • Tension: from 15 to 30 = 100% increase
  • Weight to wrap 1 pallet: 192 grams to 84 grams = 56 % decrease
  • Load stability: 8KG to 12KG = 50% increase
  • Cost to wrap 1 pallet: £0.397 to £0.217 = 45% decrease