Carlton Packaging are designers and suppliers of mailers, bags and envelope solutions. Our aim is to ensure your products are protected and your packaging solution is loads smarter through our innovative products and service solutions.

What are Mailers?

With a large range of bags and envelopes, we have a solution for every requirement! Our Rapilite and Rapisac bags are very popular for many operations – creating the perfect parcel every time and offering greater protection throughout transit

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Bespoke sizes and printing available these envelopes are great for sending small items or documents safely through the post.

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Ideal for packaging and posting garments, soft goods or boxed products.

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The hanging mailing bag system for quick and easy filling ideal for larger operations!

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Keeping your shipping documents clean & ensuring your paperwork arrive safely.

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Made from high quality clear polythene for easy opening and closing.

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Our plastic free mailer, offering excellent protection for smaller items whilst being totally recyclable and degradable.

Benefits of using our mailers

Our goal is to increase process speed, decrease packaging waste and reduce operational costs through the most effective bags and envelopes being used in an operation together with the most efficient supply solution.

Faster packaging process

Increasing process speed is critical for any operation we have a full range of mailers that can improve your packing speed, our hanging mailer system Rapisac has been proven to increase packaging speeds by 100%.

Reduce packaging waste

With our team of experts at hand you can say good bye to the days of messy packaging benches and generation huge amounts of packaging waste. Carlton have some fantastic innovations to prevent packaging waste across the business starting with our latest innovation Rapisac.

Increase Parcel Security

Ensuring your parcel is secure is a key factor for any operation with our range of mailers we can offer ultimate product protection, security, ease of use and reusability for your consumer!

Increased customer loyalty

At Carlton we understand customer loyalty is key, we will offer a full audit of your packaging process, starting from the packer to the consumer to ensure you are giving your customers the best consumer experience.