Welcome to our labelling explore area! This area is designed to provide a brief overview of the way we work. We hope you find this both helpful and informative. Our message is simple – for a loads smarter labelling supply solution; contact us today!

Carlton Packaging are designers and suppliers of a full range of packaging solutions. Our aim is to ensure your products and operation is loads smarter through our innovative products and service solutions. Many despatch operations use a range of labels in different applications; from product labelling to location coding and barcode printing. Traditionally labels are sourced independently to the packaging supply involving additional administration and longer lead times.

We offer a full range of quality labelling products, from thermal labels to wax ribbons and equipment. Labels are available from stock in a wide range of sizes, and we hold our clients’ exact size for delivery exactly as required. Requirements vary from colour to size to material. Our trained team work with clients to audit and understand their processes before suggesting and trialling smart solutions from our range of labelling products. The trials are carefully monitored to establish operational savings, before an ongoing solution is implemented.

This explore area briefly takes you through a labelling review and supply solution process highlighting some of our unique products. Our goal is to increase process speed, decrease packaging waste and reduce operational costs through the most effective packaging supply solution, including labels.

Thermal labels are used in most distribution operations, and used for printing despatch labels, product barcodes and location labels. Plain labels are often made to order with a lead time to consider. Can this be smarter?
Recommendation 1
Often operations will require their own label format and configuration. We supply thermal labels in many colours and sizes for consistent quality. We will hold our client’s specific labels in stock for next day delivery against a call of order. This offers the efficient costs of a large production run, together with fast delivery for total peace of mind!
Recommendation 2
For thermal transfer label users, we offer a unique range of Clean StartTM ribbons. Every print head needs regular cleaning to ensure clear and lasting print, together with preserving the life of the print head. Our Clean StartTM ribbons will clean your printer with the fist few meters of ribbon, rather that stopping machine for this maintenance. Watch the Video

  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased process speed
  • Decreased costs
  • Cleaner barcode printing
  • Quality printing and consistent scanning for total peace of mind



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During these unprecedented times, our customers are still providing consumers with essential goods and we are committed to supporting this.  We have adapted how we work to maximise the safety and wellbeing of our staff whilst continuing to offer smarter packaging materials for fulfilment operations throughout UK and Europe exactly as needed. Our customers are fulfilling vital supplies to keep Europe running, and we’re here for you.


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