Are you using the correct voidfill?

Many parcels require void filling, for product protection and package security. Popular mediums include kraft paper, loose fill polychip and air pillows. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to protective packaging.

Here at Carlton we are designers, suppliers and installers of smart Voidfill systems. Our aim is to ensure your Voidfill solution and process is loads smarter through our innovative products and service solutions.

So what should you consider when choosing the correct Voidfill to protect your product in Transit?



• Increased process speed
• Reduced storage space required
• Enhanced consumer experience
• Good for fulfillment / eCommerce operations who need fast and efficient on demand service for pick and pack operations
• Reduced environmental impact
• Decreased operational cost
• Lighter protection



• Paper pads that offer all-around cushioning.
• Strong enough to stabilize heavy objects & have bulk to provide superior cushioning and void fill.
• Can be made from recycled materials
• Lightweight and versatile
• Greater parcel integrity
• Greater customer experience
• Comes in different colours to suit your fulfillment


Loose Fill Chips

• Exceptionally fast packing
• Light weight keeps shipping cost down.
• Quickly springs back into shape with excellent memory effect to protect even heavier items
• No spare parts or machine maintenance costs.
• Reuse


Fully Integrated Systems

• Increase your process speed
• Reduce packaging waste
• Decrease your operational costs.
• Reduce repetitive strains for the packers
• We can put your mind at ease by taking care of the design and support of the system


From simple desktop solutions to fully integrated systems, our team work with clients to implement the most effective system. It may be the voidfill medium, it may be the dispensing method or it may be the operator training – we’ll identify what will make your operation smarter, and implement it on time!

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Carlton Packaging is committed to increasing our clients’ profitability through smarter packaging.

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