The ‘Wow’ Experience – A 2022 Must-Have

The ‘Wow’ Experience – A 2022 Must-Have

The perfect gift. There are few alternatives that can supersede the feeling when you receive one. The joy, surprise, excitement, pure happiness, warmth, inner-child, and an overwhelming sense of gratitude – all wrapped up in a perfectly executed parcel. Retailers worldwide are also starting to harness these feelings when packaging their products, to allow their brand to have the same desired effect on consumers.  


As we say hello to a new year, it always brings latest ideas and trends to the table, and we can already see some that are starting to take shape around the world. All these trends mean a slight change in the market; retailers must embrace these changes and move with the times if they want to stay front-of-mind for the consumer. Some new trends we are likely to see a lot more of is Live Shopping – using social media platforms to sell and promote items for customers to buy instantly, and increased customer personalisation. Both of which would require the perfect packaging to ensure your brand stays ahead of the times. 


For many packaging is a cost, but also an opportunity. Your packaging is always the first physical connection between your brand and the consumer, and will play a large part in defining your brand to the external market. It is suggested that 50% of shoppers will recommend a product if it came in gift-like or branded packaging*, proving just how important it is to ensure your packaging is on point this year!  


The simplest way to create the WOW experience for your brand is to start with your packaging, as even the smallest changes can have a significant impact. This could include small incremental changes to your current solution – adding a splash of colour to your voidfill with Papertech, redesigning your box with the perfect print to compliment your brand, an opening experience never to be forgotten, or a cardboard sleeve over your packaging with a personal note that sends consumers straight to social media to promote your truly impressive product!  


Or you can fully embrace the ‘New Year, New Start’ ideology and completely overhaul your packaging experience. This can be achieved by revisiting your entire packaging range and switching out for the new and innovative alternatives, but also could involve shaping up your packaging process too, improving the production line so you can offer an even better service to your customers! Your brand will have a consumer experience that rivals competitors;  the secret will be found in both the new and enhanced packaging the consumer receives, and the service behind the scenes to ensure the product arrives on time and in perfect condition.  


Would you like your products to be remembered because of the packaging experience your customer receives? Carlton are here for you and ready to help! From offering alternative solutions to your current, essential packaging; to taking a closer look at your entire packaging process and helping create an experience your customers will never forget. We will guide you through every step of the way and provide a solution best for your brand. Contact us today because together, we can turn your product into the perfect gift!