Sustainable packaging post-pandemic… Where to start!

Sustainable packaging post-pandemic… Where to start!

It has been an uncertain time in the eCommerce market over the last 12 months, and with many businesses transitioning to selling online there has been a shift in focus to getting goods to the end consumer! As things slowly return to normality, it’s the perfect time to review your products and see how you can become naturally smarter in your eCommerce operation!

Here are 5 switches you could make in your operation to be more Sustainable in 2021:


Paper mailers are the ideal alternative to the poly mailing bag. It’s fully recyclable and biodegradable, with the benefits of being secure and smart for the consumer experience. It is also water-resistant and has a carry handle design that can be made bespoke to your business with custom printing!


Switching from acrylic tape to paper tape can be made simple with a desktop water-activated tape machine or Xtaper: the mobile water-activated tape dispenser, the water-activated paper tape from either dispenser is strong, water-resistant and will give the consumer a positive experience being smart and protective for their products. You can also have bespoke printed tape to help portray your branding on every part of the packaging!


Rapiflute is the all-paper solution to switch from our regular bubble bags! Rapiflute will continue to protect your products with its strong paper fluting inside and can be custom printed and comes in a range of sizes!


Papertech is a perfect solution for switching from general bubble wrap! It’s strong, comes in a wide range of colours, and is 100 % paper-based, making it a great sustainable solution! This will speed up the processes in your operation too with its fully automated machine to dispense the paper.


Is an all-paper solution for doc enclosed wallets, and is a simple product to eliminate some of the plastics used in your operation. They are easy to use, strong, sleek, water-resistant, and smart! The only difference… no plastic!

With these small changes in your operation, you will see a greater response regarding return custom and how your brand will be portrayed to consumers. It has been found that 67% of consumers are more likely to go back to a brand for using sustainable products and packaging! At Carlton Packaging we work with you to make your operation and brand naturally smarter.