A smarter warehouse is an efficient warehouse!

A smarter warehouse is an efficient warehouse!

The ultimate goal for any warehouse is to enhance the operation while preserving productivity.

See our 3 tips that may help your warehouse become ‘loads smarter®’!


Carlton Packaging Integrated voidfill systemsProductivity is lost when workers spend too much time travelling for packaging products, searching and over-handling goods.

By adding value-added services and setting up special locations for the operation this will increase process speed and reduce operational cost, for example – Voidfill placing your systems above or to the side of the packaging bench will reduce the down time from the packer which means less time traveling around every time you are filling a box! Our in-house design team can help you visualize the transformation.

Are you using the correct products?


Using an airtech machine as a space-saving multi-purpose packaging tool which can inflate air cushions on demand to fill voids as well as being used for padding and protection.

Paper cushioning products that are suitable for protecting most products in transit, paper machines are available to suit small or large items.

Using mailing bags? Then try Rapisac™ it can save you up to 1 hour per 1000 bags, the neat and tidy mailers come ready fitted with the patented connection clips ready to hang straight from the box.

Using the right size and specification of packaging for your product means you’ll use less in-fill materials.

Stock levels 

Just in timeIf you are spending too much money on warehouse storage then why not try using our ‘just in time’ service which offers the flexibility for your operation, you will avoid over spending on unwanted stock in off peak. Carlton can take a close look at your packaging operation which can result in significant savings for your business.

A standard size pallet requires 13 square feet of storage space and when you are using multiple you need a large warehouse which has cost involved, whether you’re short of storage space or you want to improve cash flow within the business, out-sourcing the storage of your products and packaging is a viable alternative.

Carlton has over 20 years’ experience in helping operations become ‘loads smarter®’ if you’re looking to improve your packing operation then speak to one of our in-house specialist today.

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Carlton Packaging is committed to increasing our clients’ profitability through smarter packaging.

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