New distribution centre brings an even "smarter" service!

New distribution centre brings an even  "smarter" service!

When we first opened our doors for business at Carlton Packaging in October 1994 it was from a small distribution hub in north Milton Keynes.


22 years later we have now opened our second and largest distribution centre in the same city, hugely increasing our storage capacity and giving us multiple sites across the UK and Europe. This development enables us to continue to deliver our mission every day; smarter products, smarter processes, smarter service; loads smarter®.

The retail sector is changing dramatically.  According to the Office for National Statistics, as many as 76% of adults bought goods or services electronically in the UK last year, up from 53% in 2008!  Outer – or transit – packaging is now the face of a brand, playing a vital part in the consumer experience.

Over the years we’ve focused on helping fulfilment companies with their transit packaging needs, and now with a great team and expanding facilities, we design and supply smart packaging materials for many of the major retailers throughout Europe.

We help these brands deliver an enhanced consumer experience whilst increasing process speed, decreasing packaging waste, and reducing operational costs.  All achieved through smarter packaging, smarter processes and smarter service!

From a full packaging review and integrated systems, to simple designs and ongoing material supply, we can work with you to decrease costs, increase profitability and build consumer loyalty.  Questions you should ask about your operation include; when was the last packaging and processes review? How do the consumers rate the receiving and opening experience? Does the outer packaging represent the brand? Is it quick to use? Is product damage experienced during transit?

If you have a fulfilment operation in Europe, we can help you!  After 22 years of consistent service, we’re helping more clients than ever before.  With in-house packaging design, large stock-holding, fast delivery, razor sharp pricing, proven methodology and market experience, you’re in safe hands!

Carlton Packaging is committed to increasing our clients’ profitability through smarter packaging.

Get in touch today to see how we can make your operation ‘Loads smarter’.