Is your packaging on the right journey to guarantee consumer satisfaction?

Is your packaging on the right journey to guarantee consumer satisfaction?

If you had 7 seconds in which you could attempt to sell your product, would you succeed? It takes a consumer precisely this long to decide whether they want to buy from you, and in the recent shift to e-commerce buying – packaging will play a major part in this decision.

Consumer experience or ‘the unboxing experience’ as it’s sometimes called is taking social media by storm and right on trend, but what does it actually mean? And how can you enhance your consumer experience? The technical definition is a combination of affective, sensory, cognitive, and behavioural consumer responses to every connection with your company and brand. Simply put, your brand needs to feel personal and evoke positive reactions when seen, felt, and heard, and then you will most likely find yourself with a fan club of customers!

Packaging will be the greatest influencer of this, especially in the modern world of online shopping; your packaging is the first and often one of the only impressions your clients will receive of your company, your reputation, and your entire brand.

Enhancing your consumer experience can be done in many ways, but we suggest the foremost place to start is with your packaging. There are many approaches you could take to enhance your packaging for the better, whether it be the whole experience, or just by making a few smaller tweaks.

Outer Packaging

We have confirmed that first impressions count, so it is important to ensure the outer of your packaging carries your brand correctly. Simplicity is key, it doesn’t have to be a complex design and brimming with text to get the message across. This could be done with a bespoke design and printed box that shows off your branding. Think about using colour to evoke meaning and emotions towards your brand, and ensure that there is just enough creativity to keep their attention!

Structural Packaging

One route to happy customers is by making sure they receive their product in perfect condition! This is vital and may even be regarded higher than the look of the packaging itself.  This can be done using voidfill options such as papillon, or creating inserts bespoke to your product so that they are protected at all times.  Ensure you don’t overcomplicate the structural packaging inside, as consumers can become frustrated at the many layers they have to wade through, when it is really the end product they have the most interest in.

Tell the story 

Every brand has a story behind it, and it is essential that your packaging depicts this story. So, if your story takes the form of a journey, take them on it with your packaging! If your story is bold, send it through the letterbox with a bang!

Mix it up

We understand that making a big shift to a showstopper experience can be costly but enhancing your consumer experience doesn’t have to be! Personalise the packaging with messages on inserts or add printed tissue paper for a more attractive look – sometimes less is more! Printed mailers could also be an option if your products are smaller items, or personalised despatch notes printed bespoke to your brand to reach the same reactions and emotions.

A small change within your packaging can go a long way to influencing the consumer experience, enhancing your brand, and ultimately increasing your customer base.  Remember to keep to your brand story and combine practicality with the ‘wow factor’ of pretty packaging, to create the perfect unboxing combo!