Is your operation ready for peak?

Is your operation ready for peak?

Is your operation prepared for peak?

Planning ahead to prevent poor performance should go without saying and taking the time to accurately prepare for demanding periods can help alleviate problems and increase performance.

Advance Planning

Are you advance planning with an understanding of supplier shut-down period? If you are looking to order bespoke products, make sure your supplier has an idea of your forecast to prevent problems occurring. Bespoke stock holding  is a smarter process to ensure you will never run out of stock, maintaining a strong supplier relationships is absolutely key if you want to achieve a smarter and more efficient operation throughout peak.

Warehouse layout

Productivity is lost when workers spend too much time travelling for packaging products, searching and over-handling goods.

By adding smarter services and setting up special locations for the operation will increase process speed and reduce operational cost, for example – Voidfill, placing your systems above or to the side of the packaging bench will reduce the down time from the packer which means less time traveling around every time you are filling a box!  Why not a smarter solutions such as temporary pick bins that help create a more efficient pick and pack area. Our in-house design team can help you visualize the transformation.

Staff Training

Invest time in training all staff including temporary staff. This will prevent mistake throughout you packaging operation, have ‘How To Guides’ handy for all staff to locate. Include regular catch ups to gain general feedback from trainees, it’s vital to ensure that your training is actually proving useful and that your employees can apply their new knowledge in the workplace. Make your processes simple that training is uncomplicated.

Packaging Materials

Ensure you have the correct materials to reduce returns and enhance the consumer experience. Packaging that is too bulky, the wrong shape, or takes up too much shelf space is unlikely to impress the consumer or be a smart process for your operation. Packaging should protect the products and also the brand.

For more information on preparing you operation for peak speak to our team today for a smarter packaging review.

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