Is the ecommerce digital shift here to stay?

Is the ecommerce digital shift here to stay?

From March 2020 the UK saw a significant shift within the ecommerce industry. As non-essential shops began to shut, people were instead opting to shop for products online. From pasta, to paint, to plant seeds, consumer purchasing habits swiftly adapted due to the changes affecting the country’s economic climate.


As everyone knows, the ecommerce industry is a rapidly growing market even under usual circumstances, but for the duration of 2020 it saw a tremendous year-on-year growth of +46%. The market saw great traction throughout the year due to it being a key beneficiary throughout the lockdown periods because alternative spending options were limited, and everyone was advised to stay at home. Many industries had to act fast to ensure that their increasing number of customers’ needs were met.

Through IMRG’s research, they found that three of the most disrupted sectors in 2020 were the Electricals sector which saw a 91% overall YoY growth, the Home & Garden sector that saw a 74% YoY growth and the Health & Beauty sector which saw 64% YoY growth. Taking last year as an example it is hard to predict what may happen throughout 2021, but for these sectors it can already been seen by their early 2021 YoY figures that brands are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that their online processes are resilient enough to have as great as a success as 2020.

The clothing sector saw one of the biggest hits throughout 2020 due to people no longer having a purpose to buy new clothes. But ever since the announcement of the lockdown exit strategy consumers have decided that it is now time for a wardrobe refresh, which saw a 46% growth for the sector within a week of the announcement! As we are now slowly coming out of our third national lockdown, do you think we could see another big shift for the ecommerce industry once non-essential shops are open again?


It is evident that consumer purchasing habits have changed due to the pandemic, 55% of consumers have suggested that they will instead choose to shop digitally more often going forward. This is very promising for the ecommerce industry as this digital shift looks like it will be here to stay, the retail landscape post-pandemic is looking to be more in favour of digital than we have ever seen before!