Hang it and Save – Introducing Rapisac™ Mailing Bags

Hang it and Save – Introducing Rapisac™ Mailing Bags

As Peak Season is now officially here, it is vital to be using the right packaging in your operation. With online deliveries up by 25.2% on last year, packaging has a huge part to play in delivering a great consumer experience. Does your outer packaging represent your brand? Does the outer packaging deliver the right consumer experience? And.. very importantly, does it enable your despatch operation to fulfil orders at the fastest rate possible?

Here at Carlton we are strong believers that using smarter packaging and increasing your process speed will not only reduce overall operational costs, but enhance the consumer experience.

With the mailing bag being one of the most commonly used despatch products through this time of the year, why not see how Rapisaccan improve your operation this peak. This new and unique patented system is specifically for larger users of mailing or click and collect bags.

Rapisac™ brings many benefits when you are filling mailing and courier bags. Rapisac™ mailing bags hang from the patented desk edge mounted backplate, to facilitate quick and easy filling. It is adaptable to suit all prints and sizes and may also be used for clear polythene preparation bags.

Some of the benefits include;

  • One handed opening and filling increases productivity significantly
  • Immediately accessible without taking up bench space
  • All sizes and prints connect to the system
  • Fill, tear off, seal and send. Quickly and easily detached from the header
  • Refills come with clips ready to hang
  • Bench or counter edge dispensing bracket with no protruding hooks or wires
  • Double seal with tear strips available for return goods
  • Carry handle available for Click and Collect applications
  • Bags held tidily and neatly
  • Backplate hangers provided free of charge

This fast bag dispensing system works with all prints, sizes and materials. The bags come ready fitted with the patented connection clips fitted, ready to hang straight from the box.


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Carlton Packaging is committed to increasing our clients’ profitability through smarter packaging.

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