Does your ecommerce packaging give the unboxing experience you want it to?

Does your ecommerce packaging give the unboxing experience you want it to?


Consumer behaviours have certainly changed over the last decade. Trips to the shops have been replaced with click and collect or delivery to the consumer’s door. With a one-hour delivery slot and order placed up until midnight for next day delivery it’s no wonder more consumers are purchasing online.

A big part of building a long-term, sustainable brand is bringing customer back time and time again. It’s been covered many times before.

If you search ‘Unboxing experience’ in YouTube, a staggering 5 million results appear. This clearly signifies the importance of the ‘unboxing experience’ for the online shopper.

3 in 10 consumers have identified a new brand by either seeing a branded box on the high street or watching unboxing videos online. Creating custom packaging allows the consumer to have an ‘in store’ experience from the comforts of their own home. 

Did you know, that nearly 18% of consumers having posted something on social media because of the packaging and the consumer experience they have received, now is the right time to look at your eCommerce packaging?

Does Size Matter?

We have all seen the social media post around an oversized box and a small product inside filled with polystyrene chips…! This is not a confident consumer experience!

Looking at a different type of box for your operation could reduce packing materials and improve the consumer experience. This will also benefit your warehouse by reducing storage and shipping costs, and reducing waste which will become more eco-friendly.

What about the void fill?

Immediately revealing the product to the customer once the box is opened lacks mystique or any sense of anticipation. Using branded paper or air cushions to protect the product will not only give a sense of luxury when completed correctly, but will also increase your packaging process speeds within the operation.

The Design

Ecommerce businesses seem keep the exterior of their packaging as neutral and inconspicuous as possible for security reasons. However, you can make the interior look elegant and stimulating for the consumer. You can include prints on the inside of the boxes to give the consumer that ‘unboxing experience’.

What about returns?

The customers experience doesn’t stop when the package is opened

As an online retailer you need to carefully consider how the package can be returned. Does it have a returns label? Can the customer reuse the packaging the product came in to return the parcel to the retailer? A smooth returns procedure is essential to maximise the possibility of turning an unsatisfied customer into a happy, returning customer or even brand advocate.

Ecommerce packaging should protect the products and also the brand.

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