5 ways to make your online delivery more eco-friendly.

5 ways to make your online delivery more eco-friendly.

 How can your operation become more eco-friendly.

We will give you 5 tips to make your online delivery more eco-friendly for both the consumer and the operation.



By swapping some materials around in your operation you could become more ecological. If you are using a high volume of plastic mailing bags why not look at an alternative product that bio-degrades. You can use water activated tape instead of acrylic tape, Bio-degradable or compostable products will have less harm on the environment.

Looking at your void fill solutions exchanging plastic for paper and fully biodegradable products can reduce how much plastic will end up in the sea. Compostable material breaks down into organic waste by microbial digestion to create compost. Compost has many beneficial uses including improving and fertilizing soil. Changing some materials can reduce carbon footprint.




Look at giving your staff onsite training on how to recycle some of the packaging or even reuse for other orders. This could improve the overall waste for your company. If the customer can reuse or recycle the product in the correct way and they can see a positive impact to helping the environment it will have a great reaction on your business.

Giving the Consumer clear instructions on how to recycle the packaging.. Can the customer reuse the packaging? How should they recycle the packaging? A small logo on the packaging illustrating how to dispose would have a great impact on the consumer experience.

If the customer can reuse or recycle the product in the right way it will and they can see a positive to helping the environment it will have a great reaction on your business.



Online ordering:

Make your online ordering process easy to use for all visitors. Have facts on your website to let the customer know if they get the product delivery they will lower the carbon footprint by %. A 2013 study from the MIT Centre for Transportation and Logistics found that shoppers who visit stores before buying online generate a carbon footprint almost twice the size of a purely online purchase.

Have fun facts at the checkout… ‘If you recycle this product or packaging you could save….’

Having size guides or 3D visual on a website this would reduce the customer ordering multiple items and returning unwanted products. This will have a huge impact across the operation.



Size does matter?

Make sure your packaging fulfills its essential requirements, look at the product you are sending out…  You can reduce the amount of materials the operation is using by looking at the type of products you are sending out… Do you really need that much void fill? Could you reduce the box size? If you can reduce the size it also takes up less space on a pallet and the delivery truck making the delivery process more environmentally friendly. Look at working with you marketing department to redesign the type of packaging you currently use.



Returns & Delivery Process 

Looking in to reducing your damages in transit.. If you have a high damage rate look at your parcel carrier.. Are they protecting your parcel correctly in transit? Are you using the correct materials for fragile items? This will reduce the number of damages and re-deliveries you will have.

With deliveries why not have a ‘second option’ if they customer is not in when delivery is attempted ask for a safe place or a local deposit box to leave it in.. This will reduce the amount if rounds and return visits.

If you can change a small number of points throughout your operation you will find that you will be helping the environment become eco-friendly.